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A Good sleep technician’s technician’s advice

Do not sleep at night; do you suffer from sleep discomfort? In English, it is called sleep ammonia. Then you can use continuous positive airway pressure instruments. The CPAP mask like a hose that pushes air into the back of your throat in order to help keep your airway open during sleep.

This machine plays a very effective role when used properly and regularly. Reduces the effect of breathing by improving oxygen levels during sleep. Use to sleep during the day, to relieve anxiety and fatigue.

Please consult our specialist doctor if necessary.

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Why use a CPAP mask? And Doctor’sDoctor’s advice on using CPAP masks.

1. The CPAP mask easily circulates air in the throat.

2. Extends the airway

3. Increases the oxygen intensively within the throat

4. It helps to sleep in peace at night by relieving breathing.

5. It can be used during the night to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, control blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

6. When using CPAP therapy or a mask, sleep is better at night, resulting in increased memory. And sitting at work during the day.

Statistics show that about 22 million people in the United States suffer from sleep apnea. Eighty percent of them have reached moderate to severe levels. American society recognizes this as a dangerous and deadly disease.

There are three types of CPAP masks that you may want to recommend to your patients.

1. Nasal CPAP Mask.

This mask covers the patient’spatient’s nose to his lips. It provides continuous airflow and regulates blood pressure.

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2. Best Nasal Pillows Mask.

The nasal pillow mask seals at the base of each nasal tube, forming a comfortable, pillow-like seal. And many users find that nasal pillow masks are more satisfied than nasal masks.

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3. Full Face CPAP Mask.

Nasal mask and nasal pillow cover the entire face more nicely. It helps to breathe comfortably. Although it is large, the patient may feel a little uncomfortable. Very useful for those who have bearded faces.

Do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Some patients are uncomfortable with the use of masks because the socks make it difficult to use special masks. Patients find themselves at health risk by seeking alternative medical advice for the use of masks.