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What is construction safety?

Construction safety means being careful against accidents in homes, offices, courts, roads, excavations, or any construction work. Construction safety means providing security for construction workers.

Why be careful in construction?

Construction of any kind is a daunting task. Here workers and employees use a variety of sharp and dangerous goods. There is a great danger that can be caused by a little negligence. Remember that an accident can be a cry of a lifetime. So before doing any work, follow the safety rules required by that job.

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What are the dangers during construction work?

1. You can get hit in the head.

 2. There may be some damage to your eyes.

3. Your hand may be broken or cut off.

4. Legs can be broken.

5. No part of your body can burst. And

6. You can be injured or killed if you have any difficulties.

It is never desirable for us to come to work or face accidents or danger. Because we know that if one person in a family is an accident, then the whole family is affected by that accident.

Before doing any work, we should plan ahead and take the necessary steps to mitigate the dangers that may arise in that work,

Let’s know what precautions should be taken before construction works?

Fourteen top safety rules and use the best equipment.

1. Get the training you need for the right safety.

2. Use a helmet on the head.

3. Use eye protection glasses.

4. Wear clothing that approaches you to help you understand that you are the victim of an accident.

5. Use the right gloves in work needed for hand protection.

6. Always wear footwear.

7. Use a rope or safety belt when working in a hanging area

8. Scaffolding must be used to work in any building location.

9. Keep the workplace clean.

10. Keep sharp equipment carefully in a safe place.

11. Fire extinguishers must be maintained. Keep the firing material at the construction site safe. Take the necessary steps to prevent a fire accident.

12. Use Lifting Appliance and Gear.

13. Use hard ladders to work in high places.

14. There should be first aid treatment for minor accidents.

But keep in mind that you must use good quality equipment to ensure 100% safety. Never neglect security. Follow the instructions given by the company’s security supervisor.

Stay tuned for details on accident prevention and accident prevention equipment on your construction site.

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