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The most talked-about current day is the Corona-virus. This Coronavirus has made the world almost idle. As a result, everyone is worried today. All the world is annoying today. People are afraid of house arrest; there is no jam in the street, and a car can’t be seen, Beware, the Corona Virus! Stay home.

 What is Coronavirus?

The disease that causes symptoms of cold, cough, and slight pain in China is known as the Coronavirus. The epidemic that has spread in the present world,

What are the symptoms of the virus?

1. Feel fever.

2. Dry cough/ Pneumonia.

3. Sore throat. And

4. Respiratory problems. Et cetera is the main symptom of the Coronavirus.

How danger the corona virus?

The disease can be identified 14 days after a person has been infected. Coronavirus is said to be a very dangerous disease. It is a contagious disease. Touching a person’s smile, cough, rash, or infected person through the air can lead to a unique personality and trauma. One study has shown that the disease can spread through a given air 17 feet away.

Where to start?

The outbreak was first reported in December 2019 from Wuhan Province, China. As the disease spreads through the air, is it a contagious disease, and symptoms of the disease appear 14 days after a person has been infected, resulting in an epidemic spreading rapidly across the globe.

What is the remedy for the Coronavirus?

If and until now, no treatment for this disease has been discovered. Nevertheless, the caution in the form of solid medical advice is highlighted below.

1. Clean hands with water, soap, or alcohol cleansers for at least 20 seconds.

2.     Always wear wax on the face.

3.  Infectious diseases should therefore be avoided in public.

4. Have to drink warm hot water

5. First of all, stay home to keep you or your family or the people of your country carefully.

Statistics of the deceased and currently recovering Everest from the coronavirus

1. The number of people affected by the Karan virus is 13 lakh 58 thousand five hundred.

2. Several dead persons- 75895.

3. A number of healthy people from the Corona virus-2905090.

Where is the future world headed?

Since no medicine has been invented for this disease so far, we can say that we are going to plunge deeper into deeper problems. People all over the world are facing health threats. As a result, whatever the problem may be on earth. There will be an economic downturn across the globe. There will be food problems, Medical problems Transport problems. And the world will become stagnant if food and transportation problems arise. In countries around the world where low-income people live, food shortages will bring a black shadow of danger to their families. Food problems, on the one hand, medical issues on the other, the lower class people will fall into both crises and come out on the road to protect themselves.

Coronavirus is a deadly contagious disease, so follow all the rules unless instructed by the Department of Health. Stay home, be safe yourself, keep all the family safe. The country will live if you live.”

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