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No nuclear weapons, no wars, no economic conflicts, no guns, wars, the only terrifying threat to humanity in the world today. The history of the trauma started in China. But how, where, why, or what triggered the terror has not yet been made known, or no one knows.

History of coronavirus.

A Chines media outlet reported that Coronavirus first appeared in early November. The South China Morning Post reported that in early November, 266 people were being treated for a virus. The incident took place a week before the virus was announced by the authorities. Doctors were discussing the virus that originated in Wuhan, in the province of Hubei. It was widely discussed when the Border Government asked them to blow up the matter. December 8, 2019, The Chinese government notifies the World Health Organization about the virus. Until January 21, they did not acknowledge that the virus was transmitted to humans.

In mid-November it was “completely conceivable,” said Jonathan Myer, a professor of emeritus at the University of Washington’s Department of Epidemiology. He also said the detector of the virus was kept secret. China and the US are in conflict with the virus. US officials are calling it the Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. After all, there is no denying that the virus originated in China.

What is the Coronavirus  (covid-19)?

This infectious virus disease was discovered in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019. So that is called by the name covid-19. The World Health Organization is the first to use the name WHO. A deadly viral contagious disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Noble Coronavirus-19

1. Pneumonia.

2. Fever.

3. Dry cough.

4. Throat pain. And

5. Difficulty breathing.

No information has been found that this virus was caused by a horse, bird or a domesticated bird.”

 How can the Coronavirus spread?

The Coronavirus is a contagious disease. Coughing and touching the infected person can easily spread the disease through the air.

The treatment of the Coronavirus.

So far, no vaccine or drug has been discovered for the virus. Even the person with the disease is diagnosed 14 days later. These are the treatments that the World Health Organization and doctors suggest.

1. Keep hands clean with soap or alcohol for more than 20 seconds.

2. Use the wax on the face.

3. When you get out of the room, cover the whole body.

4. Use hand socks.

5. Drink warm hot water.

6. Infectious diseases, so stay at home.

7. Consult a doctor if there is a sudden onset of a cough with a fever.

Impact of Coronavirus around in the world

From China then Italy, France and Iran dominated the virus in many countries around the world, including the United States.

1. Number of people infected with the virus-1,381,014

2. Number of dead persons-292,973

3. Number of people who have returned healthy-78,296

The number of people dying from the current disease is increasing. This information was collected from the World Health Organization, Google, and others.

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