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What is health?

Our body is basically healthy. According to the World Health Organization opinion. Health is avoiding mental, physical and social illness.

What is the importance of health?

Health is wealth. Health is the gift of the great Creator. We cannot do anything right after birth. Because then our body or health does not work. After we were born, the parents cherished us very carefully. And we grow up slowly and have good health. Health is the greatest resource for a person or animal. But health is not the only thing you need to build your health because good health brings happiness, happiness, happiness to everyone’s life, which is never possible to buy at a price. If you want to survive well, and to make your dreams, your own, you must take good care of your health. A sick person can never function independently of himself or his health. So you understand the importance of good health in our lives.

Physical, psychological, and social factors are very important to our health.

Three main factors affecting health.

1. Mind. The mind is a part of our body. If the mind is good, our body is good. If you have a good mind, you can easily concentrate on anything. So to keep your health, healthy you must keep your mind good.

2. Physical health. The body is the main part of health. We basically say keeping the body healthy is good health. And the shot we need to keep the body healthy is to take a balanced diet. If your body is good, then you will love doing all the work. On the contrary, if your body is infected, you cannot do one thing, even if you have a desire for it. So we must be careful about our body and have good health. In order to maintain good health, you should eat vitamin supplements. A large part of the body-health can be called a CPU. Different parts or lessons exist in the body. Such as your head, eyes, nose, nose, hands, hands, and feet. We need a regular diet, treatment, and physical exercise to keep our body healthy. If we can do this regularly, we must be in good health.

3. Social factors. We live in modern-day society. Many factors in society depend on your health. Your body is affected by the education, medical, diet, housing, and environment of the people in your society. If all the components of society are good, then your body is good. And if all the elements of society are bad, then the health of the people of that society is bad.

What do you need to do to be healthy?

Good health to all of us. We all want to be in good health. Let’s not know what we have to do to be in good health.

1. Keep your mind up. Don’t understand how to keep your mind good. If you want to keep your mind good, smile openly. If you like something fun, do it. Make it a habit to read books. Or go out on a trip.

2. Take a regular balanced diet. A diet that contains all the sources of vitamins is called a balanced diet. For example, milk, eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, etc.

3. Do regular exercise. Take a walk at certain times of the day to keep your health healthy. If possible-run. Can play rotating rope. It can go cycling. It can add different types. You can go to the gym if you want to keep the body fit. I can swim regularly.

4. If you have any bad habits, avoid them. For example, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, getting up early, sleeping late at night, watching more television, must be eliminated if there is a personal bad habit.

5. Since society has an impact on health, all that can be done to ensure the well-being of your society is to shoot, remove superstition from society. All should be well educated. The society should maintain good relations with every person.

6. One of the things that must be done to keep the health, healthy is to receive regular health care. Good doctor’s advice.

The body is the cage’s mind with its bird body, how much of its bee. A healthy body makes a healthy mind full of beautiful life. You can communicate to keep your health healthy.

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